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State Festival was fantastic!

Over the weekend of January 24 and 25th, the Caddo Magnet Players took 75 students to the Louisiana State Thespian Festival at NSU, a festival rich in theatre education which offered a total of 43 workshops in anything from Improv to Costume Design to Voice Acting. In addition to these workshops, there were competitions for Individual Events and scholarships, as well as college auditions.


Magnet took home the gold in the first big event – the Tech Challenge. In this challenge, each school chooses two students to compete in a gauntlet of technical skills. Zoe Walker and Ray Carroway, President and Vice President of the Drama Club, claimed victory over the other 35 high schools in attendance.



The Individual Events are held in several categories, each category having two contestants who advance to the final round for a chance to perform in the closing ceremonies. Both finalists in the Solo Musical category were from Magnet: Levi Volcheck and Mary Grace HumphriesMary Grace won and performed the soprano number “All Falls Down” in the ceremony, ending the festival on a high note.



Out of those who competed in Individual Events, those who received Superior scores will go on to compete at the National Festival in Indiana this June. Four Magnet students will be doing so: Levi Volcheck in Solo Musical, Ray Carroway in Lighting Design, Mary Grace Humphries in Solo Musical, and Sophia Gappo in Solo Musical.


Friday night of the festival, Magnet performed a 45-minute cutting from Hairspray and, despite technical difficulties, received TWO standing ovations – one mid-scene, and the other at the end of their performance.

The following students received callbacks for their college auditions (the University of Alabama and NOLA did not post and will be sending out personal emails):

Loyola: Saige Williams

University of Louisiana – Lafayette: Sophia Gappo, Saige Williams, Mary Grace Humphries, Ray Carroway

KD Conservatory in Dallas: Corbyn Maguire, Sophia Gappo, Saige Williams, Mary Grace Humphries, Sara-Alexis Jarecki, Chloe Rayne Garcia, Jackson Holoubek, Ray Carroway

Louisiana College: Sara-Alexis Jarecki, Mary Grace Humphries, Chloe Rayne Garcia, Ray Carroway, Corbyn Maguire, Sophia Gappo, Saige Williams

Centenary College: Sophia Gappo, Saige Williams, Mary Grace Humphries, Sara-Alexis Jarecki, Chloe Rayne Garcia, Jackson Holoubek, Ray Carroway

Ouachita Baptist: Corbyn Maguire, Mary Grace Humphries, Chloe Rayne Garcia

SCAD: Corbyn Maguire, Mary Grace Humphries

Southwestern: Ray Carroway

Stephen F. Austin: Sophia Gappo, Saige Williams


Of these students, four were offered an on-the-spot financial scholarship: for performance, Corbyn Maguire, Sophia Gappo, and Saige Williams, and for technical, Lexi Rhodes for Stage Management.



Each year, only 7 students are asked to be on the State Board as STOs (Student Thespian Officers) in order to plan the festival all year and MC there as well. Magnet’s STO for this year was Jackson Holoubek, and next year we will have Ray Carroway on the board.


The festival was a ton of fun for everyone involved, and Magnet certainly left their mark.

ITS Induction form Request for Membership ITS pdf


EdTA operates the International Thespian Society (ITS), an honorary organization that has inducted more than two million theatre students since its founding in 1929. EdTA also publishes Dramatics, a monthly magazine for high school theatre students, and Teaching Theatre, a quarterly journal for theatre education professionals.

Meet the Council Officers for 2019-20!

President – Zoe Walker

Vice President – Raylie Carroway

Secretary – Lachle Boniol

Scribe – Sara-Alexis Jarecki

Historian – Sophia Gappo

WebMaster – Jackson Holoubek

State Rep. – Jackson Holoubek

Most Promising Freshman – Jordan Hall

Senior Council Members

Emmagayle Dahlman, Logan Jarecki, Lucas Mainiero

Junior Council Members

Brendan Anderson, Logan Lassiter, Chloe Rayne Garcia, Lexi Rhodes

Sophomore Council Member

Molly Brooks

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