Film Studies

Syllabus:  2017-18 Syllabus Film Studies pdf

Classroom Procedures Classroom-Procedures pdf 

Generic Rubric Genre Rubric pdf

On your syllabus we have the movies we are watching.  If you are absent please watch and catch up.

Past due presentations 

Alex Johnston Romantic Comedy 10 Things I Hate About You
 Charles Marcotte  Action/Adventure  Lethal Weapon

Next genre – Crime – Usual Suspects

Next Presentations  due – after film 

Vivian Boone Crime/Courtroom To Kill A Mockingbird
Grace Boudreaux Crime/Courtroom Fargo
Leah Gould Crime/Courtroom Pulp Fiction
Darby McCormick Crime/Courtroom Scarface
Kira Presley Crime/Courtroom The Godfather