Film Studies

Syllabus:  2017-18 Syllabus Film Studies pdf

Classroom Procedures Classroom-Procedures pdf 

Generic Rubric Genre Rubric pdf

We are currently studying the genre of Horror/Thriller:  In class watching: Sixth Sense & North by Northwest



Thursday, October 12th 

 Tara Butler                        Catch Me If You Can

Monday, October 23rd

Campbell Owen                 The Departed

Chris McCallom                Gone Girl

RayMedina                          The Godfather              

Mallorie Miller                   The Verdict          

 Tuesday, Oct. 24 th       

Gabrielle Harris                Presumed Innocent            

Baylee Willis                       Zodiac

Noah Lesko                        Winter’s Bones

 Hannah Bergen                  A Cry in the Dark

Wednesday, Oct. 25th 

Samantha Staggs             In Cold Blood

Riley Palmer                       Memento

Evie Yordslip                    Pulp Fiction 

Thursday, Oct. 26th 

Sara Procell                       To Kill a Mockingbird

Eric Raymond                   Godfather II

Neusha Zamani               12 Angry Men

Friday, Oct. 27th – Test