Film Studies

Syllabus:  2017-18 Syllabus Film Studies pdf

Classroom Procedures Classroom-Procedures pdf 

Generic Rubric Genre Rubric pdf

On your syllabus we have the movies we are watching.  If you are absent please watch and catch up.

Next Genre is Thriller – we will watch North by Northwest and then the following people will have presentations

Grace Boudreaux     Thriiler          The Birds

Alex Johnston   Thriller  Verigo

Darby McCormick  Thriller            Deliverance

Jasmine McKinney          Thriller  Silence of the Lambs

Ollivia Noonan   Thriller  Taxi Driver

Next Genre is Animated – we will watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs then the following people will have presentations

Abbee Darcy Annimation Dumbo

Shane Drury       Animation            The Incredibles

Michaela Ephram             Animation           Shrek

Leah Gould         Animation           The Jungle Book

Erin Stapleton    Animated            Wall-e