Drama III – Advanced Acting

Syllabus 2017-18 Drama III Syllabus pdf

Classroom Procedures Classroom-Procedures pdf

Bonus Worksheet – must be accompanied with ticket stub for full credit.  Play Critque

Character Analysis Due – Monday, Sept. 11th 

Director work on Scenes – Friday, Sept. 15th – Pizza man & Exchange

                                                Monday, Sept 18th – Comic Book Artist & Fading Joy

                                                 Tuesday, Sept 19th – You/ve Got Mail & Five Women Wearing the Same                                                                                              Dress

                                                Wednesday, Sept. 20th     – The Odd Couple, Players & Arsenic & Old Lace


Performance Ready scenes for grade – 

Monday, Sept. 25th – Pizza man & Exchange

Tuesday, Sept 26th – Comic Book Artist & Fading Joy

Wednesday, Sept 27th – You/ve Got Mail & Five Women Wearing the Same Dress                                                                   

Thursday, Sept. 28th     – The Odd Couple, and Players

Friday, Sept 29th – Arsenic & Old Lace


Performances of Scenes begin Monday, Sept. 18th 



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