Drama I – Intro to Theatre

Syllabus 2017-18 Drama I syllabus pdf

Bonus Worksheet Must follow directions exactly and attach ticket stub to get full points.  Play Critque

Classroom ProcedurClassroom-Procedures pdf


 Homework due – Score your script for your monologue Due Friday, Dec. 1st.

quiz over Script Scoring symbols Monday, December 4th

Study Guides for your final will be given Monday, December 4th.  They are due Friday, December 8th

Quiz Bowl will by Thursday, Dec. 14th 

Final for 2nd hour Drama I is Monday, December 18th from 8:35-10:20

Final for 7th hour Drama I is Wednesday, December 20th from 8:35-10:20

Performance Ready Monologue from book due Monday, December 10th







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