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 Fringe Festival

For information about the trip please see the attached presentation.  APAI 2019 Powerpoint Presentation

For to accompany your $100 deposit APAI Fringe 2019 Registration Form pdf


Cast for You Can’t Take It With You  

Read through is tomorrow in Lecture Hall.  Please come to the Drama Room and Initial by your name if you accept the role.  Technical crew will be posted tomorrow.  Rehearsal Schedule Rehearsal Schedule for YCTIWY pdf  

Technical Crew  Technical Crew for You Can pdf

                                         Grandpa Vanderhoff                      Cason Smith

                                         Penny Sycamore                              Samantha Staggs

                                         Alice Sycamore                                    Amanda-Marie Davis

                                         Tony Kirby                                           Duke Pierce

                                         Essie Carmichael                                 Sophia Gappo

                                         Ed Carmichael                                     William Newman

                                         Paul Sycamore                                      Scott Martin

                                         Kolenkov                                                Brody Tolliver

                                         Rheba                                                      LeAnn McCray

                                         Donald                                                    Kimareon Reed

                                         Mr. DePenna                                         Harmon Patriquin

                                         Wilber Henderson                                Landon Hudlow

                                         Mr. Kirby                                                Carter Calahan

                                         Mrs. Kirby                                              Kay Ellen Henderson

                                         Olga                                                         Brinn McDonald

                                         Gay                                                           Summer Jones

                                         The Man                                                  Liam Ash

                                         G-Man                                                     Jackson Holoubek

                                         Jim                                                           Jordan Mahotiere


State Festival

The Caddo Magnet Players attended the International Thespian Society Louisiana State Festival.  63 students and 8 parent/chaperones attended.  There were 24 Troupes in attendance from all over the State;   700 students in all.  Kate Howell, State Board Representative for 2016-17 helped to lead the festival with her 5 counterparts from around the state.

At their state festival professionals from nationals votes for a single one-act to represent their state at Nationals in June.
Duke Pierce directed a smash hit one act starring Brody Tolliver and Carter Rimmer. Received a standing ovation at performance.   Down Came The Rain was chosen to be the Chapter Select production at Nationals representing Louisiana.  Congratulations to director Duke Pierce and performers extraordinaire Brody Tolliver and Carter Rimmer 
Each school can take up to five acts for both performance and technical Individual Events.

In Individual Events: 

Carter Rimmer received superior in Monologue

Kate Howell and Theresa Johnson recieved superior in Solo Musical.

Theresa Johnson was called back for top three

Damarius Kennedy received superior in Costume design AND CONSTRUCTION

Kendall Goff received superior in Set Design

Seniors: Tara Butler, Amanda-Marie Davis, Summer Jones, Eric Kirton, Duke Pierce auditioned for colleges scholarships from Louisiana Colleges and the ITS financial awards.

Loyola, La Tech, LSU, BPCC, and Louisiana College called everyone back.  NSU called back
Tara Butler, Amanda-Marie Davis, Eric Kirton, and Duke Pierce

Tara Butler won first place in Technical Theatre College Scholarships (that comes with a check!)

Amanda-Marie Davis placed 2nd in College Scholarship performance. (It comes with a check!) She performed in the closing ceremonies before the 700 attendees.

Out of 700 6 are chosen for STO state Board. Carter Rimmer is the State Rep for 2018-19.  This is the  13th year to have a Magnet student on the Board.
Brody Tolliver and Zoe Walker came in third in Tech Challenge.
Sarah Lord was second in Theatre Trivia.
JUNIOR, Damarius Kennedy, so impressed the judges with her costume construction that the costumer at NSU has already offered her a scholarship.  The head of NSU costume department said to me “I know that she will get many offers at Nationals but I really want her!”

The other students attended workshops, enjoyed a dance, and watched performances from around the state.  I received many compliments on the excellent behavior of our students.


Centenary High School Theatre Festival -was a success!  Hats off to Student Director, Duke Pierce who directed Down Came the Rain with actors Brody Tolliver and Carter Rimmer.  They won 1st place for performance piece!  

Check this out How Theatre Arts Benefit Our Youth and Community

This Year’s UPDATED Calendar of Important dates: Important dates 2017-18 pdf

We are so thankful to our 2017-18 Caddo Magnet Players Parent and Community 
Support.  Here’s a list of donations (so far) Ongoing list of P & C Sponsors pdf

If you would like to support our drama department please see how in the following documents support plan form pdf  Support-letter 2017 pdf



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